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Exam: 1Z0-1115-23

Vendor Oracle
Certification Oracle Cloud Solutions
Exam Code 1Z0-1115-23
Exam Title Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Multicloud Architect Associate Exam
No. of Questions 41
Last Updated May 01, 2024
Product Type Q&A PDF / Desktop & Andorid VCE Simulator / Online Testing Engine
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  • 1Z0-001

    Introduction to Oracle: SQL and PL/SQL

  • 1Z0-007

    Introduction to Oracle9i: SQL

  • 1Z0-020

    Oracle8i: New Features for Administrators

  • 1Z0-023

    Architecture and Administration

  • 1Z0-024

    Performance Tuning

  • 1Z0-025

    Backup and Recovery

  • 1Z0-026

    Network Administration

  • 1Z0-031

    Oracle9i:Database Fundamentals I

  • 1Z0-032

    Oracle9i:Database Fundamentals II

  • 1Z0-036

    Managing Oracle 9i on Linux

  • 1Z0-048

    Oracle Database 10g R2: Administering RAC

  • 1Z0-050

    Oracle Database 11g: New Features for Administrators

  • 1Z0-101

    Develop PL/SQL Program Units

  • 1Z0-131

    Oracle9i, Build Internet Applications I

  • 1Z0-132

    Oracle9i, Build Internet Applications II

  • 1Z0-140

    Oracle9i Forms Developer: New Features

  • 1Z0-141

    Oracle9i Forms Developer: Build Internet Applications

  • 1Z0-147

    Oracle 9i: Program with PL/SQL

  • 1Z0-200

    Oracle 11i E-Business Essentials

  • 1Z0-211

    Oracle 11i General Ledger

  • 1Z0-212

    Oracle Payables 11i Fudamentals

  • 1Z0-213

    Oracle Receivables 11i Fundamentals

  • 1Z0-221

    Oracle 11i Inventory Management Fundamentals

  • 1Z0-222

    Oracle Purchasing 11i Fundamentals

  • 1Z0-223

    Oracle Order Management 11i Fundamentals

  • 1Z0-232

    Oracle 11i Systems Administrator

  • 1Z0-233

    11i Install Patch and Maintain Oracle Applications

  • 1Z0-301

    Oracle9iAS: Basic Administrations

  • 1Z0-311

    Oracle Application Server 10g: Administration I

  • 1z0-207

    Oracle Communications Billing and Revenue Management: Pricing


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Format: Multiple Choice
Duration: 60 minutes
Exam Price: $
Number of Questions: 30
Passing Score: 65%
Validation: This exam has been validated against Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023
Policy: Cloud Recertification

Earn associated certifications
Passing this exam is required to earn these certifications. Select each certification title below to view full requirements.

Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Certified Multicloud Architect Associate

Prepare to pass exam: 1Z0-1115-23
The Oracle Cloud Infrastructure 2023 Multicloud Architect Associate certification is designed to test an individual's expertise in designing and implementing Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) multicloud solutions. This certification aims to evaluate the candidate's ability to use a combination of cloud services to build a multicloud environment.

Take recommended training
Complete one of the courses below to prepare for your exam (optional):
Become an OCI Multicloud Architect Associate

Practice Exam
Additional Preparation and Information
A combination of Oracle training and hands-on experience (attained via labs and/or field experience), in the learning subscription, provides the best preparation for passing the exam.

Review exam topics
The following table lists the exam objectives and their weightage.
Objectives % in Exam
Introduction to Multi-cloud 10%
Core OCI Services 20%
Multicloud Connection Options 30%
Oracle Database Service for Azure 40%

Introduction to Multi-cloud [10%]
Understand multi-cloud and its benefits
Explain common multi-cloud use cases and their implementation in OCI

Core OCI Services [20%]
Federate OCI Identity Domains with identity providers
Implement and manage VCN components
Administer OCI Database services, such as Base Databases, Autonomous Databases, MySQL Database

Multi-cloud Connection Options [30%]
Understand OCI multi-cloud connectivity options, such as Site-to-Site VPN and FastConnect
Implement OCI-Azure Interconnect

Oracle Database Service for Azure [40%]
Explain the prerequisites and onboarding options for Oracle Database Service for Azure
Implement Oracle Database Service for Azure
Configure common Oracle Database Service for Azure database management tasks


Sample Questions and Answers

What is the purpose of the SAML metadata file in the OCI Federation setup with Azure Active Directory (AD)?

A. It is used to exchange metadata information between Azure AD and OCI.
B. It is used to configure attribute mapping between Azure AD and OCI.
C. It is used to establish trust between Azure AD and OCI.
D. It is used to store user credentials for authentication.

Answer: A

In general, SAML metadata is used to share configuration information between the Identity Pro-vider (IdP) and the Service Provider (SP).


A company wants to seamlessly build a private interconnection between their OCI and Microsoft
Azure environments with consistent performance and low latency. They want to enable their cloud
engineers to set up Single Sign-On (SSO) between Microsoft Azure and OCI for their Oracle applications,
such as PeopleSoft, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and E-Business Suite.
Which technology integration can the company use to achieve this goal?

A. Direct Connect and Azure VPN Gateway
B. OCI Site-to-Site VPN and Azure Site-to-Site VPN
C. Oracle FastConnect and Azure ExpressRoute
D. Cloud Interconnect and Virtual WAN

Answer: C

By using Oracle FastConnect and Azure ExpressRoute, customers can seamlessly build a private
interconnection between their OCI and Microsoft Azure environments. The Interconnect also enables
joint customers to take advantage of a unified identity and access management platform that
leads to cost savings. Cloud engineers can set up SSO between Microsoft Azure and OCI for their
Oracle applications, such as PeopleSoft, JD Edwards EnterpriseOne, and E-Business Suite. Having a
federated SSO makes the integration seamless and allows users to authenticate only once to access
multiple applications, without signing in separately to access each application.

Which components are required to establish a Site-to-Site VPN connection in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure?

A. Internet Gateway, Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and IPsec tunnel
B. Internet Gateway (IG), Network Address Translation (NAT) Gateway, and IPsec tun-nel
C. Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG), Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and IPsec tunnel
D. Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG), NAT Gateway, and IPsec tunnel

Answer: C

Site-to-Site VPN Components:
CPE OBJECT: At your end of Site-to-Site VPN is the actual device in your on-premises network
(whether hardware or software). The term customer-premises equipment (CPE) is commonly used in
some industries to refer to this type of on-premises equipment.
DYNAMIC ROUTING GATEWAY (DRG): At Oracle's end of Site-to-Site VPN is a virtual router called a
dynamic routing gateway, which is the gateway into your VCN from your on-premises network.
IPSEC CONNECTION: After creating the CPE object and DRG, you connect them by creating an IPSec
connection, which you can think of as a parent object that represents the Site-to-Site VPN.
TUNNEL: An IPSec tunnel is used to encrypt traffic between secure IPSec endpoints. Oracle cre-ates
two tunnels in each IPSec connection for redundancy.
So, Internet Gateway, NAT Gateway are NOT valid Site-to-Site VPN Components.
Hence, Dynamic Routing Gateway (DRG), Customer Premises Equipment (CPE), and IPsec tunnel is
the CORRECT answer.

What should you do to prepare your Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)
for potential security risks when connected to a Microsoft Azure VNet?

A. Allow all traffic from the Azure VNet without restrictions.
B. Limit all inbound and outbound traffic from the Azure VNet to expected and well-defined traffic.
C. Remove all OCI security rules.
D. Disable the connection between Azure VNet and OCI VCN.

Answer: B
Controlling Traffic Flow Over the Connection
Even if a connection has been established between your VCN and VNet, you can control the packet
flow over the connection with route tables in your VCN. For example, you can restrict traf-fic to only
specific subnets in the VNet.
Controlling the Specific Types of Traffic Allowed
It's important that you ensure that all outbound and inbound traffic with the VNet is intended or
expected and well defined. Implement Azure network security group and Oracle security rules that
explicitly state the types of traffic one cloud can send to the other and accept from the other.

Which is a database service that CANNOT be provisioned in the Oracle Public Cloud?

A. Autonomous Database on Dedicated Infrastructure
B. Exadata Database Service on Shared Infrastructure
C. Autonomous Database on Shared Infrastructure
D. Exadata Database Service on Dedicated Infrastructure

Answer: B

As you can see in the screenshot, Exadata Database Service on Shared Infrastructure is NOT supported.

Students reviews and Discussions

Packiam Vijendran 1 months ago - Malaysia

Passed the exam yesterday, 95% of the question were from this site. Note: Pay more attention to all the community discussions on each question, instead of the answers provided by the examtopics and I strongly suggest to get the contributor access.
upvoted 4 times

Javier Cardaba Enjuto 2 months, 1 week ago - Spain
Excellent pre-exam session tool
upvoted 2 times

Palanisamy Arulmohan 1 months, 1 week ago - USA

I passed today, 94 questions asked and 99% of them were in this dump.
3 labs: BGP (as-override), HSRP, OSPF (without network statement)
upvoted 4 times

peppinauz 3 months, 2 weeks ago
I pass my exam, dump is valid about 90-95%. review the community answers!!
upvoted 6 times

Oberoi Ankit3 months, 3 weeks ago - USA Texas
Passed exam today dump still accurate. almost all the questions are here, some are overcomplicated or incomplete on the site,
upvoted 4 times 

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John NA

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Oley R.

Hello Everyone
I Just Passed The Oracle Oracle Cloud Solutions 1Z0-1115-23 Took 80 to 90 Minutes max to understand and easy to learn. Thanks For Everything Now On To 1Z0-1115-23

Robert R.

Hi Examkingdom.com thanks so much for your assistance in Oracle Oracle Cloud Solutions i passed today it was a breeze and i couldn't have done it without you. Thanks again

Seymour G.

I have used your Exam Study Guides for preparation for Oracle Oracle Cloud Solutions 1Z0-1115-23. I also passed all those on the first round. I'm currently preparing for the Microsoft and theOracle Cloud Solutions. exams

Ken T.

I just wanted to thank you for helping me get myOracle Cloud Solutions $50 package for all guides is awesome you made the journey a lot easier. I passed every test the first time using your Guide

Mario B.

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Kris H.

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Gil L.

Hi and Thanks I have just passed the Oracle Cloud Solutions Directory Services Design exam with a score of 928 thanks to you! The guide was excellent

Edward T.

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Ted Hannam

Thanks for your Help, But I have finally downloaded Oracle Oracle Cloud Solutions 1Z0-1115-23 exam preparation from examkingdom.com they are provided me complete information about the exam, lets hope I get success for the 1Z0-1115-23 exam, I found there exams very very realistic and useful. thanks again

lindsay Paul

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