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Vendor Pegasystems
Certification Pega Certified System Architect
Exam Code PEGACPSA23V1
Exam Title Certified Pega System Architect 23 Exam
No. of Questions 256
Last Updated Jun 27, 2024
Product Type Q&A PDF / Desktop & Android VCE Simulator / Online Testing Engine
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The PEGACPSA23V1 exam is related to Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA) certification.

- Certification Name: Pega Certified System Architect (PCSA)
- Exam Code: PEGACPSA23V1

Exam Objectives
The PCSA certification exam focuses on the core principles of Pega's platform and application development. The exam tests the candidate's understanding of the following topics:
1. Application Development: Understanding of application structure, rules, and data modeling.
2. Case Management: Knowledge of case life cycle, stages, processes, and user interfaces.
3. Data Management: Understanding data types, data pages, and data sources.
4. User Interface: Designing and configuring user interfaces using Pega's tools.
5. Automations: Knowledge of Pega's automation features including decision rules and processes.
6. Reporting: Understanding Pega's reporting capabilities and how to create and manage reports.
7. Deployment: Knowledge of application packaging and deployment using Pega.

Exam Details
- Format: Multiple choice questions
- Number of Questions: Typically around 60-70 questions
- Duration: 90 minutes
- Passing Score: Around 65-70% (exact passing score may vary)
- Languages: The exam is available in English

- Training Courses: Pega offers a variety of training courses to prepare for the PCSA exam. These include instructor-led training, self-study modules, and hands-on practice exercises.
- Practice Exams: Taking practice exams can help in understanding the exam format and types of questions.
- Documentation and Resources: Reviewing Pega's documentation, especially on topics related to the exam objectives, is crucial.

- Exam Provider: The exam is typically administered by
- Cost: The exam fee can vary, so it's best to check the latest fee on Pega's certification website.

Recommended Experience
- Background: It's recommended to have some hands-on experience with Pega’s platform, typically through projects or practice exercises.
- Knowledge Level: The exam is designed for individuals who have a fundamental understanding of Pega's application development concepts.

For the most accurate and updated information, it's best to refer to the official Pega certification website or contact Pega's support team.

Sample Question and Answers

A door manufacturer offers a finite list of colors on all its doors. As part of the order, customers can
select the color of the door. Select the data page definition configuration settings to source a color
drop-down list to minimize memory usage.
Object Type » ACME-Products-Data-Color or ACME-Products-Work-Color or ACME-Products-Work-ColorFeedback
Edit Mode » Readonly Or Editable Or Savable Scope » Thread Or Requestor Or Node

A. Page, ACME-Products-Data-Color,ReadOnly,Node
B. List, ACME-Products-Data-Color,ReadOnly,Thread
C. Page, ACME-Products-Data-Color,ReadOnly,Requestor
D. List, ACME-Products-Work-Color,ReadOnly,Node
E. List, ACME-Products-Work-ColorFeedback,ReadOnly,Node
F. List, ACME-Products-Data-Color,ReadOnly,Node

Answer: F

In Pega, when configuring data pages to source UI controls such as drop-down lists, it's crucial to
select the configuration that optimally uses memory and efficiently serves the data to the users. For
this scenario, the correct answer is Option F: List, ACME-Products-Data-Color, ReadOnly, Node.
List vs. Page: Choosing 'List' is appropriate because the requirement is to populate a drop-down list
with multiple entries (colors in this case). 'Page' would be used for single record data, which is not the case here.
Object Type: 'ACME-Products-Data-Color' is chosen because the data represents a list of color
options provided by the manufacturer, which is typically static reference data, fitting the 'Data' class
layer rather than the 'Work' layer which is used for case management or the 'Work-ColorFeedback'
which would be used for storing feedback or interactions specific to colors.
Edit Mode: 'ReadOnly' is the correct mode since users are selecting a color from a pre-defined list
and are not expected to edit these values directly.
Scope: 'Node' is selected to minimize memory usage. By setting the scope to 'Node', the data page is
loaded once per node (server instance) and shared across all requestors (users) on that node, which
is memory efficient for data that doesn't change often and is applicable across all users, such as a list of colors.
This configuration ensures that the data page is loaded efficiently in a read-only list format at the
node level, reducing the overall memory footprint while making the color selections available across the application.
Reference: Pega Academy's Data Pages module, which covers data page types, scopes, and best
practices for optimizing application performance and memory usage.

A Declare expression evaluates a circumstanced decision tree. The decision tree evaluates a property
set by a data transform. What two steps do you perform to ensure that the decision tree is configured properly? (Choose 2)

A. Test the declare expression to verify that the rule is configured correctly
B. Configure a test page with data to satisfy the circumstancing condition
C. Specify the value of the circumstancing property when prompted in the run rule dialog
D. Test the data transform to verity the result is correct

Answer: A, B

When configuring a Declare Expression that evaluates a circumstanced decision tree, ensuring
accuracy and expected behavior is crucial. The steps necessary involve:
A . Test the declare expression: This ensures that the Declare Expression, which automatically sets
the value of a property based on changes in other properties, works as expected. Testing confirms
the logic encapsulated in the decision tree is correctly evaluated and applied by the Declare Expression.
B . Configure a test page with data to satisfy the circumstancing condition: This involves setting up a
scenario that meets the specific circumstances under which the decision tree's logic is evaluated.
Circumstancing allows different versions of a rule to be applied based on specific conditions. By
creating a test page that mimics these conditions, you ensure that the circumstanced version of the
decision tree is invoked, allowing for accurate testing.
Options C and D, while important in broader testing contexts, are less directly involved in the specific
task of ensuring the correct configuration of a circumstanced decision tree via a Declare Expression.
Reference: Pega Academy's modules on Declare Expressions and Decision Trees, which detail the
process for configuring, circumstancing, and testing rules to ensure they meet application logic requirements.

A bookseller maintains a database of more than 10,000 book titles. You have been asked to configure a form that a allow users to select a book by title.
How do you configure the form?

A. Add a drop-down control arid source the data from the property value used in the control.
B. Add a drop-down control and Source the data using a data page.
C. Add an autocomplete control and Source the data using a data page.
D. Add an autocomplete control and source the data from the clipboard work page.

Answer: C

In scenarios involving a large dataset, such as a database of over 10,000 book titles, the most
efficient way to allow users to find and select an item is by using an autocomplete control. This
approach enhances user experience by filtering options based on user input, making it easier to
navigate through large lists of data.
Why not a drop-down? A drop-down control (Options A and B) would not be practical for such a large
number of items because it would require loading all items at once, which can lead to performance
issues and a poor user experience.
Why an autocomplete control? The autocomplete control (Option C) is designed for scenarios like
this. It allows the user to begin typing the name of a book, and the control suggests matching titles
based on the input, narrowing down the options dynamically. This approach is much more userfriendly
and efficient for large datasets.
Why sourced from a data page? Sourcing the autocomplete control from a data page (Option C) is the
best practice because it allows for the efficient loading and caching of data. Data pages can be
configured to refresh at appropriate intervals or under specific conditions, ensuring that the data is
up-to-date. Furthermore, using a data page abstracts the data source from the control, making the
application easier to maintain and update. This setup ensures a smooth and efficient user experience,
allowing for quick and easy selection from a vast database of book titles

A business architect has developed a new process for a case type. To verify that the UI elements
collect the expected result, you want to test the process and the fields.
Which two configurations, when used together, allow you to record a set of interactions and save the
test result to verify process functionality? (Choose two.)

A. Create a unit test for the case type.
B. Create a scenario test for the case type.
C. Add explicit assertions on the UI elements.
D. Add explicit assertions on the Scenario testing landing page.

Answer: B, C

To effectively test a new process for a case type and verify that the UI elements collect the expected
results, utilizing scenario testing in Pega is highly recommended. This approach allows for recording a
set of interactions and saving the test result, which is crucial for verifying process functionality.
B . Create a scenario test for the case type: Scenario testing in Pega allows for the simulation of an
end-to-end process, including interactions with UI elements. This tool enables the creation and
execution of tests that mimic real-world user actions, ensuring that the entire process functions as
intended. By creating a scenario test, you can capture and automate the testing of specific pathways
through a case type, making it an essential tool for validation.
C . Add explicit assertions on the UI elements: Assertions are conditions that you expect to be true at
a certain point in your test. By adding explicit assertions to the UI elements during scenario testing,
you can specify the expected outcomes or states of those elements. This ensures that not only does
the process flow correctly, but the UI elements also behave and capture data as intended. Assertions
provide a powerful way to validate the functionality and user interface of your application precisely.
Together, these configurations enable a robust testing framework that can simulate user interactions,
verify UI behaviors, and ensure the overall functionality of the process and its fields.
Reference: Pega's official documentation on scenario testing and the use of assertions within these
tests provides guidance on how to effectively utilize these features for comprehensive testing and verification.

A business architect has developed a new process for a case type. To verify that the UI elements
collect the expected results, you want to test the process and the fields. Which two configurations,
when used together, allow you to record a set of interactions and save the test results to verify
process functionality? (Choose Two)

A. Add explicit assertions on the UI elements
B. Add validations on the UI elements
C. Create a unit test for the case type
D. Create a scenario test for the case type

Answer: A, D

For verifying the functionality of a new process and its associated UI elements, the combination of
creating scenario tests and adding explicit assertions is most effective.
A . Add explicit assertions on the UI elements: Assertions are used in testing to verify that a UI
element is in the expected state or contains the expected value after certain interactions have
occurred. They are crucial for ensuring that the UI behaves as intended, making them an integral part
of thorough testing strategies.
D . Create a scenario test for the case type: Scenario tests allow you to record a sequence of
interactions within your application to simulate real-world usage. Creating a scenario test for a case
type enables the recording and playback of interactions, including navigating through the process
and inputting data into fields, to verify that the entire case behaves as expected from start to finish.
Both options, when used together, provide a powerful approach to testing by allowing you to define
and verify the expected behavior of UI elements within the context of the complete process flow of a case type.
Reference: Pega Academy materials on scenario testing, which include instructions for creating
scenario tests and adding assertions to ensure the accuracy of both the process flow and the UI element interactions.

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